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Guide type electrical box junction box

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Guide type electrical box junction box

Detailed introduction

Product description:

  • · widely used in various PLC module circuits, controller units and distribution modules

  • · quick and easy installation on guide rail

  • · pre-install and install clips (POM injection molding)

  • · upper and lower shell clasp connection, free of tool installation

  • · complete insulation protection

  • · good heat dissipation

  • · colors and materials can be customized in batch

Ordering instructions


  • Product color can be customized (color sample is required), but the order quantity is required

  • Plastic products can be replaced into transparent PC, flame retardant, anti-static and other special performance materials according to the requirements, but there is an order quantity requirements

  • Most products can be modified according to the requirements, such as opening holes, adding or modifying PCB fixed column (mold modification fee is required).

  • Our products are designed according to the standard protection grade, but no relevant protection and explosion protection grade certificate is provided

  • If you have special requirements, please be sure to contact us by telephone before ordering, and specify in the order

  • Due to the frequent modification or improvement of our products, the website data may not be updated in time. Please make sure to confirm your order

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